Communicating with Personal Power, Poise, and Presence

Global Protocol Academy

Global Protocol AcademySubject Matter Expert (SME) Training Dates for 2016: Become a subject matter expert without spending endless hours searching for content. It’s all done for you in an easy to follow format! Our training will take you from developing a strong professional presence with commanding interaction skills to handling meal meetings and event planning with finesse. Plus, the modules can easily be incorporated into existing training more

Fresh Start Women’s Foundation

Fresh Start Women’s Foundation At some point in our lives we all need a “new beginning or fresh start.” However, those facing life’s biggest challenges probably need that fresh start the most. We are blessed with . . . organizations such as Fresh Start Women’s Foundation. Their founders saw a need and filled it, and the community . . . more

Developing Social Intelligence Through Cross-Cultural Mentoring

Developing Social Intelligence Through Cross-Cultural MentoringThe influx of people from different cultures into a company is a workplace concern around the world. For reasons of personal comfort, individuals tend to segregate themselves from people who speak a different language or are just different. Hence you have several pockets of cultural groups working but rarely socializing with each other because . . more

The Art of Professional Connections

The Art of Professional ConnectionsGloria Petersen's four-book series is focused on business communication strategies and skills. It is intended for readers pursuing business careers where making and sustaining connections is vital and for readers who are looking for strategies to optimize their effectiveness when presenting themselves at business and social functions. This entire series utilizes the expertise of corporate executives and industry experts to ensure that readers get the more

Customized Seminars

Customized SeminarsHas an unintentional gaffe interfered with a business opportunity? It happens to everyone. Knowing how to navigate potential minefields is your best professional edge and is a sought after quality in leaders. Learn the soft-skill qualities that will transform you more

About the Founder

About the Founder Gloria Petersen is the founder and president of Global Protocol, Inc. Since 1985, thousands of participants have learned to project personal power, poise, and presence to improve their business communication and leadership skills. With her guidance, individuals build self-confidence and promote a dynamic business culture based on teamwork, relationships, and more

Global Protocol® is a business etiquette, international protocol and
professional presence training firm. 

Nikki Ashmore

Nikki Ashmore


Allowing a moment for sharing.

“It was true a pleasure working with Gloria Petersen for Northeastern Illinois University’s 21st Annual Business Etiquette Dinner and Seminar. Gloria’s topics of discussion were very insightful, and her presence was one filled with energy and enthusiasm. Her delivery of the content was engaging and the interactive program facilitated interaction among the attendees. This was a fun and educational event for all!

It is obvious that Gloria cares about the professional execution of the event, as no detail was overlooked. She acted as a liaison between the Marketing Club and the venue to help prepare the menu and maximize the effectiveness of the program. Prior to the event, she arrived at the venue a day early to work with the event director and staff to ensure that the timing of the food service corresponded with the presentation. If you are looking for a speaker to educate or refresh your organizational members on proper business etiquette, I would highly recommend Gloria Petersen from Global Protocol.”
            —Nikki Ashmore, Student and President of the Marketing Club at Northeastern Illinois University

To succeed today, business leaders need to step out ahead of their competitors in a dynamic, influential way. This is accomplished by gaining a powerful social advantage. We offer the skill sets that will get you started.


But how can you achieve that? By adopting a kind of social intelligence that accentuates knowledge and influences experience – yours and those around you. Global Protocol® provides programs that deliver a fresh approach to:

Leading, Inspiring, and Succeeding
through Social Intelligence

These seminars and training modules address all aspects of the role social intelligence plays in helping graduates prepare for their careers and elevating executives to higher levels of achievement, including:

  • understanding the power of perception
  • creating a stronger executive presence
  • knowing how to get results utilizing business etiquette and protocol
  • and much more.

Global Protocol®provides the assistance you need to build better domestic and international business relationships, develop a greater understanding of communication styles, and learn how to handle tough situations with confidence and control.

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Our mission at Global Protocol, Inc., is to provide both the foundation and the framework for success by building each participant’s confidence and self-esteem, thereby improving morale and productivity and encouraging teamwork and integrity.
The vision for Global Protocol, Inc., began in 1985 to help companies and individuals not only compete, but also inspire. By teaching behavior modification, personal presentation, and business protocol, Global Protocol® has established itself as the premier resource for personal performance enhancement and leadership development.


Building confidence and improving self-esteem
sets the foundation for success.


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