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Traveling Abroad? “Eat Whatever They Put in Front of You!”

Guest Columnist: Peter Faur, President, RightPoint Communications ... In the international business class I took as part of my MBA, the instructor gave the following advice: “If you’re ever doing business abroad, and you’re having dinner with clients or customers, eat at least a bit of whatever they put in front of you, no matter how ghastly it seems.” He worked for a far-flung, multinational company, and he told stories of eating duck feet, jelled
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How to Overcome Sales Call Reluctance

Guest Columnist: Connie Kadansky, PCC, Sales Call Reluctance Coach ... You may be exceptional at what you do, but if nobody knows it outside your normal network, exciting new opportunities will elude you. Salespeople are not the only people who need to market themselves to win more visibility in their industry. Sales Call Reluctance can neutralize any career. Chip is five years into his career. He works for a small but powerful niche-market company. While he works long hours
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The Flag: Do Not Make this Mistake!

A flag is a symbol of people—whether a nation, a city, or a corporation. A national flag is often displayed along with other flags at meetings, banquets, and other corporate (or international) events. It sends a strong message that you value and respect your guests (or visitors). Consequently, it is important to learn how
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Embracing Cultural Differences For Greater Business Success

Guest Columnist: Doug Bruhnke, President/CEO, Growth Nation Do you know business people who don’t have a strong sensibility about cultural differences, and the impact they have on business dealings? If you do, they are probably the “I’ll-do-it-my-way ugly Americans” (or whatever their nationality) who are good fodder for stories of global business opportunities lost. Often these
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Customized Seminars

Has an unintentional gaffe interfered with a business opportunity? It happens to everyone. Knowing how to navigate potential minefields is your best professional edge and is a sought after quality in leaders. Learn the soft-skill qualities that will transform you into
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International Protocol and Etiquette Tips

by Horst Kniesel, Advisory Board Member and former First Vice President at JP Morgan Chase Bank As part of my job working for a prominent American bank, I was required to travel frequently to many countries in Western Europe, including England, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Greece, Ireland, Belgium, Spain, and the Netherlands. In fact,
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The Japanese Way of Tea

Popularly known as the Japanese tea ceremony, CHANOYU, the Way of Tea, is a spiritual discipline based on integrating the principles of harmony, respect, purity, and tranquility into one’s everyday life through the simple act of making and sharing a bowl of tea. Harmony is the oneness of host and guest, of the interplay of the
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Knowledge Speaks―Wisdom Listens

Wisdom is described as the quality or state of being wise and as having insights that go beyond the average person’s knowledge base. It comes with age; and it comes with experience. It is achieved by trying the unknown, learning from missteps, and valuing differing opinions. Wisdom is about learning from errors and recovering—not dwelling on them. It has a philosophical element, an
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The Mysterious Number 13

It is the year of the number 13. For some this is considered “unlucky,” and for others it is “lucky.” The number 13 has many meanings and interpretations in different religions and cultures around the world. It is what you want it to be. Why has the number 13 evolved as unlucky? When is the number 13 lucky? Why does it seem to hold so much mystery?
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