Communicating with Personal Power, Poise, and Presence

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 Your Proven Ability + Polished Social Skills = Success

Has an unintentional gaffe interfered with a business opportunity? It happens to everyone. Knowing how to navigate potential minefields is your best professional edge and is a sought after quality in leaders. Learn the soft-skill qualities that will transform you into the charismatic leader you need to be to guide your company (and career) today.


These attributes will:

  • improve the social skills of your management team so everyone can enjoy a greater spirit of cooperation;
  • help you know the best approach to use with a diversified customer base;
  • enhance the personal magnetism of your leaders to ensure that they attract loyal team members and customers; and
  • model the social skills leaders need for a wide range of applications.


100_4147 - CopyOur customized seminars and workshops are engaging, interactive, and content driven. They provide participants with the professional tools needed to project a powerful presence and build strong business relationships



We will work with you to customize a program based on your needs and objectives.

Project a Powerful Presence
Make yourself memorable! Participate in practical exercises for engaging personal power, developing a professional presence, and making professional connections with charisma.

Greet and Interact with Confidence
Your confident greeting accompanies you everywhere and sets the stage for continued interactions. Learn the formulas and devices that transition you from the initial greeting, handshake, and conversation through to the closing interaction.

Mix, Mingle, and Network Like a Pro
Before you can network effectively, you must develop your personal interaction skills. Learn a three-step strategy for approaching strangers in a group and making meaningful connections. Learn how to handle your drink, hors d’oeuvres, and handshake in one smooth move in order to maintain a comfortable position.

Orchestrate a Productive Business Meal
Master complicated place settings as well as the ritual of toasting and “seal the deal over a meal.” Think of a business meal as part meal and part practice in handling yourself with class and finesse. Learn all the elements necessary to orchestrate a successful business meal–everything from selecting the restaurant and ordering from the menu to paying the check. This seminar focuses on every aspect of dining from coffee cafes and food courts to formal black-tie dinners.

Bonding Relationships
Overcome cultural barriers by understanding nuances and respecting differences without becoming overwhelmed. You will easily and effectively learn to untangle the web of confusion that accompanies doing business in settings involving diverse international cultures.

Developing Team Leadership
Creating a good leader begins at the core of one’s personality. Learn the soft-skill qualities that will transform you into the charismatic leader you need to be to guide your company today.

Plan and Participate at Events
Learn the basics of organizing business events — everything from cultural events and sporting activities to conferences and trade shows. This seminar identifies and clarifies the roles of host and guest to ensure a successful event. You will learn what you need to know about “staging, hosting, and participating” from the initial planning stages and invitations to the last and most important step afterward, the debriefing.

Webinars and Teleconference Calls
Learn from your desk and save travel time and expense. Discussion dialogue replaces in-person activities.

Training can be broken down into the following units:

  • Business Etiquette/Protocol Units
  • International Protocol Units
  • Cultural Diversity Units
  • Business Socializing Units
  • Personal Empowerment Units
  • Communication Style Units
  • Behavior Units
  • Electronic Community Units
  • Image Enhancement Units
  • Business Attire Units

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