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Mastering Male Manners

FOX Television News – “Social Skills for the Matadors” Gloria Petersen teaches two of the The Chicago Bulls’ mascot cheerleaders (Vito and Corie) of Matadors, some social skills on FOX TV news.

“Service With a Scowl”

FOX Television News – “The Customer is Always Right!” has been the mantra. Fox news hidden camera and Gloria Petersen experience service with a “scowl.”

Holiday Tipping Guidelines

FOX Television News – It is time to express our annual “thank you,” during the holiday season. Just how much and to whom do you tip when on a limited budget? FOX news and Gloria Petersen offer tipping “tips” that will put you at ease.

Rude Awakenings

FOX Television News – We live in a fast food, overnight express lane world. There seems to be no time for the social graces. FOX News and Gloria Petersen take a look at “yesteryear” niceties and compared them today’s social grace oversights . . . from dating to dining.

Additional interviews

Reality Television The Learning Channel: “Faking It Series” “From Simple Life to Social Life” Gloria Petersen is a reality television etiquette judge. It’s “The Simple Life” in reverse as a Nebraskan organic farmer jets off to NYC to pose as a posh socialite on TLC’s episode of Faking It. To Learn more about the “Faking It” series, visit The Learning Channel (TLC) “Faking It” archives. This episode was also shown on Oprah.

The Today Show: “Guide to Kids’ Etiquette . . . . Got a Veruca Salt?”
The Today Show, July 4, 2007. This clip was filmed during a children’s etiquette class conducted by the not-for-profit organization “Common Threads,” located at Kendall College in Chicago, Illinois. The children’s etiquette segment was taught by Gloria Petersen to the children of Common Threads at Chicago’s Hotel Monaco.

Gloria has also been interviewed the following networks:
(Video clips are no longer available)

CNBC World Wide: “Power Lunch Etiquette”
A look at how much have manners changed from the elevator to client meals. CNBC World Wide challenges Gloria Petersen as they go on the street to gather opinions on a changing society.
NBC 5 Chicago: “Millennium Manners”
A look at what to wear and how to act at celebration events. NBC 5 news and Gloria Petersen take cues from “Pretty Woman.”
FOX Television News: “Holiday Regifting Dos and Don’ts”
How proper is “recycling” a gift? Fox News and Gloria Petersen discuss the pros and cons of unwanted gifts being rewrapped and passed on during the holidays.
FOX Television News: “Holiday Thank You Notes
Who should get the thank you note and how should it be sent . . . email or handwritten? Fox News and Gloria Petersen offer tips and guidelines.

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