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Will “tolerance” become the ultimate silencer of sustainable diversity?

by Tina LaCroix Hauri, President, Bradford Garrett Group (Global Protocol Advisory Board Member)

veteranflagIt seems that in our postmodern culture, each person’s self-proclaimed right to be their own truth is having a muffling effect on the very freedoms and discourse that our veterans have fought to preserve. Today, unless one will openly embrace, endorse, or moon and fawn over various viewpoints in unprecedented fashion, one can quickly be labeled as “uneducated,” “narrow,” “hater,” “bigot,” “racist,” “terrorist,” “radical.” What has happened to the atmosphere of respect, politeness, and graciousness within which we were free to acknowledge a differing view in our society and then facilitate hearty, topical debate? Is it not the morphing diversity of heritage, culture, and values melded with a sense of American nationalism that forged this great nation? Forced and coercive, demanding, mandated, legislated, and social media blasting “tolerance” seems to be slowly suffocating freedom of speech—a fundamental tenet of this republic. What is your viewpoint?

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