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Alternative Business Cards
If you are in a job transition, you probably do not have a business card. However, you need a card! You have an option. Have a personal name card (sometimes referred to as a calling card) printed on white card stock with black ink at your local office supply store. (Do not print a perforated card from your printer.) This is a simple card with your name, phone number, and email address. It might also include a byline, which briefly mentions your area of expertise or your degree. This will make it easier for a potential employer to follow-up with you and to keep you in their records. It will also make you feel more comfortable networking because you have something to share.


What was the first handshake grip?

What does R.S.V.P. stand for and what is the new term being used today?

What is a Power Lunch?

How many certification acronyms should follow a person’s name on their business card or correspondence?

Standing with arms folded across the chest is a sign of resistance. True or False?

Which famous American set the United States business dress standard and coined the phrase “Time is Money”?
(1)  John Hancock
(2)  Benjamin Franklin
(3)  George Washington

A business unit manager and an analyst are traveling with a client in a taxi. Two of you will sit in the back seat and one person will need to sit in the front seat. Who should take the front seat in a taxi?
(1)  The business unit manager
(2)  The analyst
(3)  The client

You are traveling with a client in a taxi. Where should your client be seated?
(1)  Behind the driver
(2)  In the front seat with the driver/curbside
(3)  Behind the front seat passenger side/curbside

Why is it proper protocol to place the guest to the right of the chairperson or host?

Which country originally influenced a change from American-style (switching fork to right hand after cutting) to European-style (fork remains in left hand)?
(1) England
(2) United States
(3) France

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