Cultural Etiquette and International Protocol


To Thine Own Self Be – Gracious … by Angela Gregory


“When one door closes, another opens;
but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that
we do not see the one which has opened for us.”
ꟷAlexander Graham Bell

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Global Women’s Peace Network (GWPN)

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The GWPN brings together leaders, organizations, and governments to solve pressing social issues and secure an environment for equitable human development. Through peace leadership based on the Feminine aspect of human nature, women who support and . . .
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Cross Cultural Resources

Introducing Our 
Guest Columnist


This page is intended to offer resources to help you grow your global knowledge. If you are interested in joining our growing list of Cross-cultural, Intercultural or Multicultural guest  columnist, please visit our contact form for submission guidelines and to submit your column or viewpoint idea.


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Potential Business Opportunities for Global Business

Guest Columnist: … Mike Wynne, president, International Management Consulting Associates (IMCA) | United States population is 325 million persons while the number of consumers in the rest of the world is almost 7 BILLION. Further, our nation’s annual economic growth was only about 1.2 percent this past year. So, why does that matter? Any business with such a low annual growth rate may be on its way to disappear. What things we should do when conducting business in another country? Develop . . .
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World Connections Foundation”

Collaboration between some of the WORLD’S BEST INSTITUTIONS AND EDUCATORS is happening right here on the World Connections Foundation platform. This is where individuals have the means to capitalize on the strengths of diverse learning institutions throughout their academic journey, and where qualified professionals, universities and other educational organizations enjoy . . .
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"How to Mix, Mingle, and Network Like a Pro" Webinar: (October 31st) How often have you walked into a networking event and quickly felt awkward? You’ve done your homework and you know what to expect and what to do, sort of, but how do you get started? Before you can effectively network, you must know how to mix and mingle with ease. And before you can mingle, you need to overcome
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I say Merry Christmas. You say . . . Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukkah, Feliz Navidad . . .

When I say Merry Christmas and you respond with your preferred season's greeting (e.g., Happy Hanukkah), we are good! It is a wonderful way to share our holiday preference and at the same time honor the season. Trying to be politically correct can cause awkward moments. It is simply impossible to know the beliefs of everyone we greet during this special time of the year. It is also unfair to
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Team Quattro Pro

Introducing our Collaborative Partner: Team Quattro Pro | Do you have an engaged workforce? Are you able to attract and retain top performers? And, is your team (and/or what you do) valued by others in your company? Not sure? Allow Team Quattro Pro help to get you there. We drive performance through ...
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Global Do’s and Taboos

When traveling abroad, there are international meeting protocol do's and taboos. One of the most common mistakes people who travel abroad for meetings make is the disregard for local body language, posture, facial expressions and gestures. Some are appropriate in one country but offensive in another. For example, the OK sign gesture …
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How to Deal With Challenging Situations and People with Diplomacy and Civility

Ever wish that you could wave a magic wand and everyone would be respectful, civil, and accommodating? Unfortunately, uncertain times brings discontent and confusion. Thus, it is more important than ever to deal with people, situations, and one’s own behavior with diplomacy, dignity, finesse, tact, and civility, thereby setting the better example. These are powerful “win-win” words. Here we will revisit the basics of effective communication
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