Cultural Etiquette and International Protocol


Global Women’s Peace Network (GWPN)

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The GWPN brings together leaders, organizations, and governments to solve pressing social issues and secure an environment for equitable human development. Through peace leadership based on the Feminine aspect of human nature, women who support and . . .
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"How to Mix, Mingle, and Network Like a Pro" Webinar: (October 31st) How often have you walked into a networking event and quickly felt awkward? You’ve done your homework and you know what to expect and what to do, sort of, but how do you get started? Before you can effectively network, you must know how to mix and mingle with ease. And before you can mingle, you need to overcome
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Team Quattro Pro

Introducing our Collaborative Partner: Team Quattro Pro | Do you have an engaged workforce? Are you able to attract and retain top performers? And, is your team (and/or what you do) valued by others in your company? Not sure? Allow Team Quattro Pro help to get you there. We drive performance through ...
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I Say Merry Christmas; You say . . .

Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukkah or Feliz Navidad. Respect is honoring the position of another. Therefore, if I say Merry Christmas and you respond with your preferred season’s greeting (e.g., Happy Hanukkah), we are good! It is a wonderful way to share our holiday preference and at the same time honor the season. It is that time of the year again when we are all trying to be politically correct, and it can cause awkward moments. It is simply impossible to know the
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Reach Out Globally for the New Year!

We at Global Protocol® wish you a very prosperous and rewarding 2014! This is the time of year when we are all prompted to make our New Year’s resolutions—both personal and professional. The New Year is also a reminder that we need to “clear out the old (habits and data) to make room for the new ways of doing business.” Perhaps reconnecting is the best place to start. Have you been so involved in
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Preparing the “Linkster” Generation for the 2020 World Economy Workplace

Are you challenged or anticipate being challenged by the short attention span of the new Facebook generation? Society now refers to this generation (those born after 1995) as the Linkster Generation. Every generation brings a unique perspective to the workplace, and with that perspective comes a label (e.g., Generation X, Generation Y, Millenniums, Baby Boomers). Linksters reputedly spend most of their time developing
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Print versus Tablet Resources

Recent Headline: “Schools are increasingly replacing textbooks with hand-held tablets to sustain students’ interest and keep per-pupil costs down.” How does this compare with businesses’ usage of print versus tablet resources? Certainly both have their strong points. A tablet is easier to carry than a stack of books or paper printouts, and it’s easy to read in just about any setting, indoors or out. On the other hand,
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The Japanese Way of Tea

by Joyce Kubose

3 JapaneseTea2Popularly known as the Japanese tea ceremony, CHANOYU, the Way of Tea, is a spiritual discipline based on integrating the principles of harmony, respect, purity, and tranquility into one’s everyday life through the simple act of making and sharing a bowl of tea. Harmony is the oneness of host and guest, of… Continue reading