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To “Regift” or Not to “Regift”

Are we so caught up in the need to recycle that we do the same with gifts? Simply stated, “regifting” refers to receiving a gift that you do not want and then pass it on as a gift to someone else — so as not to “waste” the gift. Depending upon how it is handled, it can be a good gesture or a hurtful experience. Certainly, much depends on the motive behind
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Viewpoint: “Will “tolerance” become the ultimate silencer of sustainable diversity?”

Guest Columnist, Tina LaCroix Hauri: "It seems that in our postmodern culture, each person’s self-proclaimed right to be their own truth is having a muffling effect on the very freedoms and discourse that our veterans have fought to preserve. Today, unless one will openly embrace, endorse, or moon and fawn over various viewpoints in unprecedented fashion, one can quickly be ..."
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Bon appétit! or not?

A discussion group recently posted that the phrase “Bon appétit” is no longer in vogue as a toast to begin a meal and, in fact, has not been for years. It seems that this rumor was started by a past edition of the New York Times. “Bon appétit” (literally, good appetite) is defined as: “A toast offered at the beginning of the meal to wish everyone a hearty appetite.” So why would one not want to
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The Truth Is: It’s Your Truth!

We all look at different situations differently. And our different viewpoints come from how each and every one of us thinks. How much the way we think differs is influenced by cultural predispositions, gender-related opinions, our particular family (or work) history, or our age and experience—these differences will vary greatly. The bottom line is that
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Put your personal belongings in “airplane mode.”

How often have you walked into an auditorium, church, or banquet hall looking for an empty chair, only to find one occupied by a personal item that implied, “This seat is saved.” In truth, it was not actually being saved; it was just being used as a makeshift desk. But you continued to wander the aisles looking for seating. This is always awkward! If you are seated in
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Preparing the “Linkster” Generation for the 2020 World Economy Workplace

Are you challenged or anticipate being challenged by the short attention span of the new Facebook generation? Society now refers to this generation (those born after 1995) as the Linkster Generation. Every generation brings a unique perspective to the workplace, and with that perspective comes a label (e.g., Generation X, Generation Y, Millenniums, Baby Boomers). Linksters reputedly spend most of their time developing
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The Good News Is . . .

Imagine a media world that gave us the good news first, a media that made good news the priority and minimized the bad news. Good deeds happen in every society all over the world, but we rarely read or hear about them. What are people doing to help make their societies a better, safer, and kinder place? This should be front-page news! If good news was receiving the lion’s share of the print page or
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Print versus Tablet Resources

Recent Headline: “Schools are increasingly replacing textbooks with hand-held tablets to sustain students’ interest and keep per-pupil costs down.” How does this compare with businesses’ usage of print versus tablet resources? Certainly both have their strong points. A tablet is easier to carry than a stack of books or paper printouts, and it’s easy to read in just about any setting, indoors or out. On the other hand,
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