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This page is intended to offer resources to help you grow your global knowledge. If you are interested in joining our growing list of Cross-cultural, Intercultural or Multicultural guest  columnist, please visit our contact form for submission guidelines and to submit your column or viewpoint idea.


In addition to columns by Gloria Petersen, Founder & Director, Global Protocol Academy LLC, the following experts offer their insights and knowledge to help you grow your cultural knowledge and are available to contact. Feel free to contact them direct or contact me for additional information:


Potential Business Opportunities for Global Business

Mike Wynne 
Contact Direct: 630-341-2540 or



Traveling Abroad? Eat Whatever They Put in Front of You!

Peter Faur
Contact Direct: 602-692-3402  or



Embracing Cultural Differences for Greater Business Success

Doug Bruhnke
Contact Doug at 480-459-7455 or



“Will tolerance become the ultimate silencer of sustainable diversity?”

Tina LaCroix Hauri
Contact Tina at