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Reach Out Globally for the New Year!

2014welcomeWe at Global Protocol® wish you a very prosperous and rewarding 2014! This is the time of year when we are all prompted to make our New Year’s resolutions—both personal and professional. The New Year is also a reminder that we need to “clear out the old (habits and data) to make room for the new ways of doing business.”

Perhaps reconnecting is the best place to start. Have you been so involved in social media interactions with your regional, national, and international contacts that you have lost the personal touch? If you answer “yes,” make this your year to reconnect live and in-person. If distance is an issue, SKYPE! Certainly, this can be easier said than done—especially if you have dropped the ball on a contact or two. Sometimes it is just awkward to reconnect when too much time has passed. Here are some tips—and please share yours.

  • Make that phone call! Give it the personal touch. Ask about their plans for 2014. Ask if you can be of assistance with a contact or resource. Be sincere, and make the call about them!
  • If you get their voice mail; leave a concise message that explains the purpose of your call. Mention how and when you originally met—and, again, make the call about them.
  • Then, send an email noting the voice mail message, and ask the recipient to kindly let you know a good day and time to reconnect. Respect their busy schedule!
  • Still feeling awkward? Look up their social media (e.g., LinkedIn) profile, and get some background on their activities. Perhaps your contact has been promoted since your last interaction. If so, call and make reference to the promotion or to another posting.
  • If warranted, you might send a postal note as well wishing them a successful 2014.
  • And finally, make the  in-person appointment for a coffee, breakfast, or lunch date. Nothing connects better than a live and in-person meeting. Share updates and visions for 2014Assure those that do not live in your area that you will reconnect when your travels take you to their location.

When reconnecting with a new or past business contact, be prompt, and make it personal; be specific, courteous, honest, and helpful. As with anything, you will find that you get out of your follow-up what you put into it. So, put some thought into it and make it memorable. You will be delightfully surprised by the outcome and enjoy a sense of pride that you made the effort.

Reach Out Globally!
Share your reconnect tips and/or progress.


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