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How to Mix, Mingle and
Network Like a Pro

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How often have you walked into a networking event and quickly felt awkward?
You’ve done your homework, sort of, and you know what to expect and what to do, but how do you get started?

Before you can effectively network, you must learn how to mix and mingle with ease. And before you can network, you need to overcome any perceived barriers or awkwardness.

To complicate things further … just how good are you at handling a beverage, a plate of hors d’oeuvres and handshake all at the same time?


All you need is a strategy. This webinar will show you how to …

  • identify and get beyond networking roadblocks.
  • enter a venue, read the room, and make your approach.
  • avoid “unintentionally” offending an attendee.


Upon registration, you have the option to send your networking concerns or questions to the instructor so that they can be addressed within the webinar content.

This seminar is a popular breakout session at a conference.
Timed perfectly before your conference reception,
it will help members and guests get connected.

Gloria held the audience’s rapt attention for one hour and within that time, through demonstrations and practice, had everyone leaving the room at the end of the session feeling significantly more confident and actually looking forward to their next opportunity for social networking. —Arizona Department of Housing

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