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What are Your Accomplishments for 2012? Please post and share.

This past year has certainly presented its challenges. Too often, all we focus on are those challenges or disappointments. However, now is the time to “count your blessings” by recognizing your personal and professional accomplishments. “Count Your Blessings” is a phrase that I used to hear a lot as a child whenever I complained about something. It’s a phrase that inspires me today to refocus. By closing out this year on a positive note, we can begin a New Year energized—with new beginnings. And I feel energized. For example, I learned in June (after a series of scans) that I am now cancer free. Over the course of the year, I have gained wonderful new business associates who have inspired me in many positive ways. And I finished my four-book series, The Art of Professional Connections, so I can focus on new endeavors. These are a few of my blessings. I invite you to share your blessings and accomplishments with our Global Protocol readers. What energizes you going into the New Year?  —Gloria Petersen

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  • Not having a military background, I have been blessed to be on a team that goes around the country speaking to military families going through the deployment cycle… and my impact has been acknowledged and welcomed by multiple locations, who bring me back to speak to new groups. The program is called the Yellow Ribbon Program, and is primarily held every weekend in multiple locations throughout the U.S. Easing the minds of families before their separation; comforting them during the separation; and facilitating the reintegration has made me even more proud and compassionate than I already was. Please continue to pray for the families.

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