Cultural Etiquette and International Protocol

What are Your Steps to Success?

by Gloria Petersen
In my byline for I state: “Make Your Challenges Work For You Not Against You.” And that is exactly how this book series began. While recuperating from major surgery in 2004 (after a situation in which I sustained a serious injury), I wrote query letters on a book idea and was able to secure a literary agent. We came very close to securing a publisher, but the timing and other things weren’t quite right. So I followed my instincts and pulled the book. I was feeling great, no medical issues, and then one evening in 2010 I ended up in the hospital with major surgery again (this time for a different issue). Now the timing was right. It was time to put all that I have learned, experienced, and observed into a book series so that others can benefit. You just do not know what tomorrow will bring; today is all about giving it your best and sharing.

You wouldn’t think of structuring a business deal without advice from the “experts.” For all four books I have engaged business professionals and topic experts to be sure that the content reflects real needs. “Seven Steps to Impressive Greetings and Confident Interactions,” serves as a prerequisite and foundation for the next three titles. These are the skillsets that accompany you everywhere! Without these skillsets, you will not be able to network effectively, conduct a client meeting over a meal successfully, or set up (or participate in) a productive event.


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