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Philanthropy Spotlight: "World Connections Foundation"

Collaboration between some of the WORLD’S BEST INSTITUTIONS AND EDUCATORS is happening right here on the World Connections Foundation platform. This is where individuals have the means to capitalize on the strengths of diverse learning institutions throughout their academic journey, and where qualified professionals, universities and other educational organizations enjoy more

Global Do's and Taboos

Global Do's and TaboosWhen traveling abroad, there are international meeting protocol do's and taboos. One of the most common mistakes people who travel abroad for meetings make is the disregard for local body language, posture, facial expressions and gestures. Some are appropriate in one country but offensive in another. For example, the OK sign gesture more

Viewpoint: "Will "tolerance" become the ultimate silencer of sustainable diversity?"

Guest Columnist, Tina LaCroix Hauri: "It seems that in our postmodern culture, each person’s self-proclaimed right to be their own truth is having a muffling effect on the very freedoms and discourse that our veterans have fought to preserve. Today, unless one will openly embrace, endorse, or moon and fawn over various viewpoints in unprecedented fashion, one can quickly be more

Professional Development Books

Professional Development Books"The Art of Professional Connections" is Gloria Petersen's four-book series,which focuses on business communication strategies and skills.  This series utilizes the expertise of corporate executives and industry experts to ensure that readers receive the best available information.  Most importantly, this whole series is about being prepared, about creating the right more

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Building confidence and improving self-esteem sets the foundation for success. Our seminars and training address all aspects of the role social intelligence plays in elevating executives to higher levels of achievement and helping graduates prepare for their careers.

The higher the career aspiration, the more important “soft skills” become. We provide the solid foundation and framework that every individual should acquire for advancement into leadership opportunities.

We provide the assistance you need to build better domestic and international business relationships, develop a greater understanding of communication styles, and learn how to handle tough situations with confidence and control.

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